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Team Alberta Crops Adds Voices Of Four New Partners To Advocacy Efforts

April 7, 2022 – Team Alberta Crops is pleased to announce the addition of four new farmer organizations to the collaboration that engages in policy analysis, development and advocacy to benefit Alberta’s farmers and crop sector. Team Alberta Crops continues to maximize farmers’ dollars by collaborating and sharing resources.

The partnership began with Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission. After several years of successfully advocating for farmers provincially and federally, the collaboration has recently expanded to further amplify the voice of Alberta farmers by including Alberta Beekeepers Commission, Alberta Seed Growers, Alberta Sugar Beet Growers and Potato Growers of Alberta.

“Team Alberta Crops is effective in representing a wide variety of agricultural products, farmers, beekeepers, and a diversity of perspectives providing robust advocacy delivered on behalf of the sector,” said Greg Sears, Chair of the Alberta Wheat Commission. “Over the years, Team Alberta Crops has become widely recognized as an impactful collaboration that advocates and influences policy on behalf of farmers.”

The group provides input to policymakers, as well as developing and maintaining stakeholder relationships to ensure access to promote the sector’s sustainability. Team Alberta Crops has achieved results in many areas, including Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) for Class 1 drivers, business risk management programs and farm sustainability.

“We welcome the opportunity to add the voices of crop producers that may be more specialized in nature like potatoes, sugar beets, bees, and seed growers to Team Alberta Crops,” said Tracy Niemela, President of Alberta Seed Growers. “Uniting the advocacy efforts of eight agricultural organizations will increase the effectiveness for all farmers.”

Team Alberta Crops is also pleased to announce the addition of a dedicated employee for the group. Reg Warkentin recently began in the role of Government Relations and Policy Manager.

“It is a brilliant initiative to combine the resources and influence of the commissions to address joint interests,” Warkentin said. “I plan to apply my skills and experience with multiple stakeholders to work effectively with the Team Alberta Crops partners to develop policy, build relationships, and communicate our key positions to government, industry and the public.”

Media Contacts:

Rachel Peterson
Communications Coordinator
Alberta Pulse Growers
780‐986‐9398 ext. 108

Erin Tateson
Marketing Communications Manager
Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions

Michelle Chunyua
Communications Coordinator
Alberta Canola Producers

Jules Ham
Marketing & Communications Manager
Alberta Beekeepers Commission

Download the PDF of this announcement here.


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