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We need your help on an urgent matter

You all know at this point that fusarium head blight (FHB), caused largely by F. graminearum, is a major concern for Western Canadian agriculture. 
Our environment and the crops we grow make Alberta just as vulnerable as our neighbouring provinces to the disease.
Projections show us that costs associated with FHB for Alberta’s wheat crops could be anywhere between $30-$132/acre, depending on your district and conditions. On top of that, our value chain also stands to lose millions of dollars and suffer immeasurable reputational loss if FHB gets out of hand.
This is why it’s critical that all Alberta farmers have a plan in place to monitor and manage for the disease on their respective farms. 
We can help you make a plan
Earlier this year, the Alberta government released a new fusarium management plan for the province, with the goal of limiting the escalation, spread and economic impact of FHB pathogens. 
The plan, which was a joint effort by several members of Alberta’s agriculture industry, including the Alberta Seed Growers Association, encourages a two-pronged approach to limiting the disease in our province. 
The first focus is managing the disease, using a multi-faceted approach including on-farm practices and products. The second focus is on preventing the spread of the disease, which includes best management practices and post-management care. 
To see the full report, which includes specific information for farmers to put into practice on their own farms, download the complete Alberta fusarium management plan here.
We urge you to do your part and make a plan for your own farm.

Tracy Niemela
Alberta Seed Growers Association


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