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Drought Resources for Alberta Seed Growers

Dear Seed Growers, 
The dry weather this summer has been tough on our crops and our spirits. Much of Alberta is lacking the moisture needed to have a successful farming year and, with harvest right around the corner, this is a serious concern for our industry. 
On behalf of the Alberta Seed Growers Association, we wanted to let you know ASG is speaking up and gathering information to help you face these challenges. The Alberta government has provided the resources below to help Alberta producers during dry conditions, which contain tools and information to help farm businesses deal with management and productions issues during times of stress. These resources will also aid seed growers in areas such as business planning, water management, crop management and wildfires. There are also additional resources for mental health, which is of serious concern for farmers during the busiest time of the year even without added weather challenges.

Dry conditions update >

In order to provide you further help, farm organizations across the province, including Alberta Seed Growers, are meeting with the Alberta Government to discuss new solutions and unite in our approach to the Federal Government for assistance. There is a sense of urgency to get a firm commitment, to allow producers to make more timely management decisions.
In addition to the resource information above, Alberta Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) has activated 120 new adjusters to deal with assessments as quickly as possible. If you decide to put your drought stressed, insured crop acres to other uses such as silage, pasture, hay, or plough it down or spray it out, you must contact AFSC five days in advance of the work to release those acres. AFSC staff will determine if there are alternate methods to assess the acres to allow optimum timing of other uses.


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