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Important updates

Field conditions and the 2022 seed stock year

We understand that this email finds many of you during a difficult time, as crop conditions continue to suffer during the hot, dry weather.

The Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) has been working with its Branches to develop a response to the extensive drought impacting Canada’s agriculture sector. With concerns about seed stock availability for 2022, CSGA encourages members to apply for inspection where feasible. The CSGA is suspending all late penalty fees, and cancellation fees on Section 2 crop kinds applied for after July 12, 2021 to remove any potential barriers. Read the CSGA’s latest announcement here.

Reminder: Ensure that your crop certificate information is correct!

As we prepare for the Fall 2021 Alberta Seed Guide, we would like to remind you that the contact information used for the seed listings comes from CSGA member entries. Please ensure that all your crops are assigned (for marketing) properly in the CSGA member portal to avoid missing listings from incorrectly assigned crops.


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